T-Scan (Bite Evaluation)

Do you find that you grind your teeth at night? Or find yourself clenching your jaw during the day? Have you been waking up with headaches or find that you have more tooth sensitivity than usual? Many of these problems can be a result of a misaligned bite. This, coupled with the daily stress we encounter can cause more severe problems, like more jaw pain and broken or cracked teeth. Dr. Holbrook uses state-of-the-art equipment to help you with nighttime grinding, clenching, headaches, and tooth sensitivity. We can help you with any of these problems by using the TSCAN to better analyze your dental occlusion – or the way your teeth meet together when you bite.

When your bite is aligned, all your teeth come together and in contact with one another at about the same time and with equal force. When this does not happen, your occlusion is unbalanced and problems usually occur.

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