Dental Office Safety Protocol

Our Commitment to Safety

As we all know, times have changed and priorities have shifted. We all have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our staff and patients.
We would like to share the additional steps we are taking to make every visit to our office as safe as possible. These actions are in addition to our already high standards for care that exceed all CDC, OSHA and ADA guidelines for dental practices.

We want everyone who walks in our office to feel peace-of-mind as well as the friendliness and clinical excellence you have come to expect. Of course, this is part of an on-going commitment that will evolve with the times. As always, we welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions and to address all concerns.

Dr. Holbrook and the Prairie Creek Dental Team

Following the guidelines of the CDC and TDPH, we are adopting new safety protocols::

Wellness Survey - You will be sent a quick wellness survey to fill out before your appointment.

External Check-in - Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment and call/text us to know you are waiting in your car. We will invite you in when we are ready. If you have someone drive you, please have them remain in the car to wait for you.

Temperature Checks - We will be taking the temperature of everyone entering the office. Patients and team members with a temperature of over 100 degrees will not be allowed to enter the office.

Hand Sanitizer - As you do enter the practice, our team will offer you hand sanitizer to quickly disinfect your hands. We will then take you directly to your treatment room.

Air Filtration Systems - We’ve installed new HEPA air filtration systems throughout the building to keep the air clean throughout the office at all times.

Treatment Rooms - We’ll treat rooms with hypoochlorous acid day. It’s electrolized salt water and it effectively kills bacteria in hard to reach areas.

Mouth Rinse - You will be asked to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial/anti-viral solution for 60 seconds prior to treatment to help eliminate potential bacteria and virus that can be contained in saliva.

High Speed Suction - For some visits, we will use advanced chairside suction which reduces aerosols by 90% of the droplets in aerosol particles.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attire for all employees including N95 masks, fluid resistant lab coat, and face shields.

No Check-out - Scheduling and instruction at the end of your visit will be while you are still in the chair, allowing you to bypass the front check-out procedures and go straight to your car. We have online payment options available, and we will be sure to call you if we need anything else.

And on top of this, we still have:

  • Daily professional deep cleaning/sanitizing of the office.
  • Restroom disinfected/cleaned after each use with hospital-grade disinfecting wipes.
  • Clear barriers at the front desk.
  • Advanced staff training.
  • CDC approved instrument sterilization.
  • Staff changes work clothes AT WORK - no wearing our scrubs in public.
  • Paperwork online as well as payments online.
  • We truly are committed to your health and safety.
  • "Your Health is our Passion" so we take it seriously!!

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