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If you want to replace missing teeth or stabilize a loose denture, you have come to the right place.

Dr. Holbrook has been placing implants since 2005.  He is certified in both implant and mini-implant procedures.  He is also trained in the Shatkin F.I.R.S.T mini-implant technique which emphasizes less surgery and allows the procedure to be completed in just one visit.

Dr. Holbrook offers FREE implant or mini-implant consultations or second opinions!! 

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Implants and mini-implants look and feel natural, and they are the best solution for replacing single or multiple missing teeth or stabilizing loose crowns and removable dentures.  

Mini-implants are an alternative to traditional implants. They are non-surgical and can often be done in one visit.  They are less expensive than traditional implants, and are great for stabilizing dentures, bridges and loose crowns.  Mini-implants range in cost from $1500-$3000. 

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Implants are often recommended for replacing one or multiple teeth, depending on your bone health and the health of your gums.  Traditional implants are not as widely used for stabilizing dentures. Dependent on the health of your bone and gums, Dr. Holbrook may recommend an implant procedure instead of a mini-implant.  Implants usually take more than one appointment, more healing time, and cost between $3500-$5000.

We have several financing options available, and monthly payments can often start as low as $179 per month.  Please feel free to ask us about what is available.  

Your complimentary consultation with Dr. Holbrook will be to evaluate the health of your gums, take digital x-rays and discuss with you the best treatment options to reach the results you are looking for.    He can also recommend various options for relaxation including conscious or IV Sedation if anxiety is something that concerns you.

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