Does fear and anxiety keep you from seeing the dentist?

IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry is a great solution to break down barriers caused by dental anxiety.  Dr. Holbrook offers this because he knows relaxation is key to having a good dental experience.  Many people are too afraid to get treatment or begin the steps toward better oral health.  IV Sedation can help people overcome their fears as well as other great benefits such as:

  • Administered intravenously so it begins working quickly
  • Allows you to be in a deeper state of relaxation, as well as has an amnesic effect.  Most people do not feel or remember anything during the appointment.
  • Allows for a faster recovery because the medication is controlled more evenly.
  • Allows more procedures to be done in one dental visit.  It is recommended for implant placement, wisdom teeth removal, or other reconstructive dental procedures.
  • Saves you time in the long run by combining several procedures, and prevents you from enduring multiple recovery processes.

The doctor will schedule a pre-sedation visit where you will be given instructions for the day of your appointment.  You will take a pill about an hour before your procedure, so you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Conscious Sedation

Dr. Holbrook also offers conscious sedation as an option to help you feel calm and comfortable during your appointments. Like its name suggests, you will not fall asleep while using sedation; you will simply feel very relaxed. There are several forms of conscious sedation, including:

Nitrous Oxide: also known as laughing gas, patients breath this odorless gas through the nose. The affects wear off once the patient stops breathing in the gas.

Oral Sedation: patients will be provided with a pill to take prior to their appointment. By the time you get to your appointment, you will be relaxed and at-ease. You will need a family member or friend to drive you to and from your appointment.

If you have any questions about these services and how we can help overcome your dental anxiety, feel free to contact us today at (972) 436-2431.

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