The T-Scan is a new diagnostic tool to analyze your dental occlusion, or the way your teeth meet together when you bite. When your bite is not aligned, problems occur such as broken teeth, crowns, and restorations as well as pain in the teeth, muscles and joints of the jaw. Nighttime teeth grinding is common, increased headache and neck pain, greater tooth wear and sensitivity.

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Gregory S. Holbrook, DMD

What makes Dr. Holbrook different than the others?  He has mastered the art of listening.    While advocating for what you need to reach optimal dental health – he will also listen to what you want.

Dr. Holbrook is a passionate dental practitioner who believes not in treating teeth – but in treating people. He has 22 years of experience and believes in using innovative ways to treat patients and break down their dental related fears.

His focus and passion is on building personal relationships, beautifying smiles, restoring confidence, and changing lives one smile at a time.